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Creativity takes courage

“Creativity takes courage” – these beautiful words of Henri Matisse ring true for every artist. Creativity as we call it is inherent in all of us, whether we believe it or not. Search inside yourself, and you will be surprised to see your mind buzzing with ideas. However, it does take a lot of boldness to freely express your ideas and put it in front of the world. In fact, for many of us, our creativity is somehow diluted by the pressure to conform to societal norms or our fear of being judged. So he who is free of this fear, can truly be called an artist. After all, a true artist is someone who doesn’t conform to what the world says, but focuses more on what he feels and expresses through his art.


We are a team of professional artists who is specialized and skilled in all art forms.


We teach various art forms like Mandala, Portfolio, Canvas Painting, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Folk arts, Resin Art, Alcohol Ink..etc


601, Nalanda, Siddeshwar Gardens, Dhokalinaka , Thane W Mumbai - 400607


10:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday

About Us

Art is that divine light that can enlighten our souls. There is nothing more satisfying than a beautiful piece of art. Tvastra believes in this basic philosophy. We are an art and craft-oriented brand with multiple domains of operation. We are an ecommerce brand, but one of our primary incentives is to promote art and craft among people. Hence, we conduct various classes, workshops and crash courses on multiple domains of an art form like Mandala Painting, Oil Painting, Canvas Painting, Folk Art and Clay Mural Art forms. Tvastra has a vast arena that extends over multiple art formats like Knife Painting, Persian Art, Coffee Painting, Abstract Art and many more. We also expertise in Resin and Fluid art, Tanjore painting, Mix media, Lippan skill and many other unique and unconventional forms of contemporary artforms.

Tvastra is a brand dedicated to instilling the beauty of art forms among everyone who comes in contact with us. We can design beautiful pieces of art for you that will highlight the beauty and precision of artwork. We even create handcrafted customized gifts that our beloved clients can gift their favourite person to win over their hearts. You can always reach out to Tvastra to place orders for various handcrafted artifacts and learn new art forms through our courses.


India is a land of art. Since time immemorial, India has the reputation of being the art hub of Asia. India’s fame for being the art centre extends pan globally. We want to showcase the beauty of Indian art forms through our flawless creations. Our main objective is to keep the age-old and endangered Indian artforms alive through our work. Tvastra wants to instill art and inspire more people to learn traditional Indian art forms to keep them alive. We mainly operate on two pathways. 

We create purely handcrafted products ideal for beautifying your homes, offices and gifting to your special people. And secondly, we conduct classes and workshops so that more people can know about the beauty of art and embrace it. We have a dedicated ecommerce section, where every product is made with love, care, passion and attention. You can check out all our products and reach out to us for placing orders. Tvastra believes in the essence of individual choices and preferences and hence is always ready to create customizable products for our clients. 

Artist' Profile

Tvastra is the brainchild of Suvija Sreenivas. Suvija is an ex-banker and is an expert in the stock market. But perhaps art has an inevitable force of attraction over its lovers, and Suvija is one of them. She has been interested in the beauty of various art forms for the long term. Not only is she is an extremely talented artist but also an equally successful entrepreneur. Suvija wants to extend the domains of art. It reaches more and more people, and the Indians can explore the divine beauty and enthralling divinity of various Indian and contemporary artforms. With such a prolific aim, she created the brand Tvastra that is wholly dedicated to growth, proliferation and extension of art forms.

 What can be better than teaching more and more people about these art forms to keep them alive? Suvija conducts quality classes, courses and workshops to promote art as she feels that owes a lot to art and craft and teaching people is the best way to pay off the debt. The spirit of entrepreneurship is very evident through her successful; operation of the e-commerce wing of Tvastra. Her work inspires many, and even you can feature one of her classic, flawless work in your home and office. Suvija is ever ready to beautify your life and space by virtue of her artistic skills. 

People Said

We make customized artwork for gifting

Want to indulge in the aesthetics of appealing artwork? Then what are you waiting for? Reach out to Tvastra. You can place orders for various art and craft items with us. 

We shall be happy to create and customize handmade artefacts exclusively for you. If you want to unleash the arctic within yourself and set wings to your creativity, do not forget to reach out to us for information regarding our upcoming courses on multiple art forms. Tvastra also conducts handwriting improvement courses and basic calligraphy courses. So, what are you waiting for? Let the warmth of light fill your lives with happiness. 

All unique and exclusive pieces. Can be done on requests, so please do not hesitate to contact me with an specific order.